Front cover“Anyone whose struggles with their writing and sense of self tend to overlap — or anyone who struggles with either — should check out Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart; Awaken Your Inner Poet. Brilliant synthesis of Jungian psychology, esoteric spiritual insights, and healing creativity. Check it out.”

Michael Collins, Writing Professor at New York University.


Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart is not just a self-help book. It is a transmedia journey that will enable you to awaken one of your most amazing faculties – the Inner Poet. Through the skills and tools your Inner Poet has to offer you will regain a deeply enriching connection to the higher intelligence of your heart and the incomparable wisdom of your soul.

Created exclusively for the iPad Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart is a rich synthesis of voice, video, music, text, practical exercises and breathtaking photography expertly blended to create a profound experiential learning extravaganza.

Dear friends by the grace of the great and mysterious my new transmedia iBook – Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart; Awaken Your Inner Poet – is born.
In the true spirit of the Gift Economy the whole thing is ‪free‬ to download on iTunes. (iPad & Mac only).
I offer my full support should you require any help integrating and applying the inner technology your Inner Poet has to offer your life. Please share with loved ones and friends and share your journey, questions, work and insights in the Facebook group:

For non-Apple users the PC version is available in the Facebook Group, join for access.

Getting this book out there and really making a difference is all about reviews and ratings.
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Michael has laid out a feast of thoughts and ideas to assist us readers in finding ways to express, in poignant poetic terms, our mysterious internal world, with all its shades of dark and light. He offers the potential of healing and transformation through the medium of poetry. A spiritual, philosphical and yet deeply personal process available to us all.” Paul Swatridge.